Breast Cancer and Iodine

Breast Cancer and Iodine

I have taken my personal experience in practice along with the details of treatment of patient together with published literature and proposed a testable theory of breast cancer. The lack of a theory of cancer and especially breast cancer has made treatment difficult and empirical. The book is divided into four parts. The first part discusses iodine. From published facts, we can arrive at a proposal that iodine could be the first phase of a two phase cancer defence system. It appears that iodine in the extra-cellular fluid outside of the cells is the main surveillance system for abnormal cells. Iodine also triggers the natural death of normal cells in the body. There are many cells types in the body undergoing a natural death. For example some of the cells in the stomach have lives of only 2-3 days. The name of this process is apoptosis. Carefully documented descriptions of the cancer process at different places in the body reveals most cancers have similar stages through which it passes. The cancers are not really cancer until the cells start to move by invasion through the nearby connective tissue. Cells develop abnormalities for a variety of reasons and can continue to become abnormal all the way up through atypical cells and to carcinoma in situ. Carcinoma in situ is the dividing line between the two phases of cancer development. Iodine in correct doses will reverse all of the changes up to and including the carcinoma in situ. The thyroid hormone controls connective tissue function. So connective tissue around organs forms a structural biological barrier to the spread of cancer. Cancer spread to distant organs only develops in the connective tissue of those organs. Therefore, if the connective tissue defence is not strong then the cancerous cell from a distant site can land there and grow. If however the thyroid hormone level in the connective tissue is high enough then the connective tissue will perform its normal defence duties and not allow the cancer cell to enter it and develop. Using these principles, fibrocystic disease and breast cancer become more understandable. Supplemental iodine in the correct doses will remove all lesions from carcinoma in situ back to just an abnormal cell by triggering death of these cells by apoptosis. Spread of cancer cells in the connective tissue can be arrested by adequate treatment with thyroid hormone to strengthen the connective tissue barrier. My experience with patients using this approach so far has been successful. The principles are that there are two phases to cancer one controlled by iodine and the other by thyroid hormone. Thus the book deals with the prevention and survival of breast cancer.

Publisher Trafford on Demand Pub
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ISBN 1552128849
Pages 109 pages
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