The Drone Enigma

The Drone Enigma

“ do not want to lay it down! Well-researched and real world scenario filled with excitement.” —Rear Admiral Don “Smoke” Hickman, SC, USN (Ret.) “McManus hits a home run with The Drone Enigma, blending modern drone warfare with exceptional realism against possible terrorist threats to our national security.” —Brigadier General Jim Ward, USAF (Ret.) “McManus sets the hook in the first few pages and then lets you run with it. Current and relevant to today’s modern battlefield, the plot’s twists and turns keep this a page-turner to the very end.” —Captain Steve Burish, USN (Ret.) Jake Palmer accepts an offer from a defense contractor to consult with the company on the death of an engineer assigned to the top-secret Perseus Project—the development of the navigation and targeting systems for an experimental Navy drone. Two days into the case, Palmer finds the defense contractor shot dead. What he discovers convinces him that both deaths are related to the project and that someone within the company is working with terrorists to seize control of the drone during a planned live-fire test in Afghanistan. With no hard evidence to support his theory, he is unable to persuade either the company or the Navy that an imminent threat exists. Concerned that he will disrupt the test, the company terminates Palmer’s contract and notifies the police. Pursued by the police and headed for engagement with a large, well-armed terrorist cell led by the company insider, Palmer is close to defeat when he receives help from the most unlikely person. With only hours to spare, they race to stop an attack half a world away.

Publisher Bay Beach Books
Release Date
ISBN 1647044391
Pages pages
Rating 4/5 (98 users)
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