Exploding the Myths of Climate Change

Exploding the Myths of Climate Change

This is a book of mythology. Since ancient times mankind has built these systems of myths to explain the complicated world he didn't understand. The systems were deeply ingrained in the minds of the populations. The Greeks attributed a season of poor crops to a disturbance caused by the displeasure of Ceres. Everything that happened adversely to these people was the fault of some divinity of the mythology.Similarly, a complex set of tales has been constructed to support the idea of human-caused climate change by the 'true believers.' This now politically correct mythology, supporting its ridiculous claims and dicta, has come from the distortion of science. This distortion was achieved mainly by the media and those with other objectives (e.g., 'Green New Deal'). Almost anything wrong in our world is attributed to a disturbance of the human-caused, climate change mythology - droughts, floods, storms, fires, extinctions, diseases, etc. This book will separate the many climate change myths from the truths.The book: -describes climate change, -lists alleged results of climate change, -compares the allegations to real life. It also includes a discussion of causation versus correlation, the thermodynamic properties of air and water, and similar myths that have been perpetrated throughout history.The 'true believers' of climate change may come to concern you, too...

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