Exploding the Myths

Exploding the Myths

"To suggest that time in the market is more important than timing the market may suit a fund manager but it will not help a small investor. Likewise diversification has nothing to do with a profit, it is about avoiding risk." - Frank Watkins. This book explodes the myths that surround the share market and points out the traps and pitfalls to which unwary newcomers fall prey. Frank has a very clear message when it comes to investing your hard earned capital. "By investing visually you can get your timing right - buy stocks that are rising and make constant profit regardless of market conditions." Discover how to: Avoid the costly mistakes that newcomers make, Find the best buy signals, Insure your investment, Predict a profitable trade, Avoid endless research, Discover day time trading deterrents, See the folly of fundamentals, Develop that essential trading plan. For the technical analyst who wants to make money, this book is precise and complete.

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ISBN 9780980455113
Pages 256 pages
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