From Boardroom to Whiteboard

From Boardroom to Whiteboard

New winds are blowing across the face of organizational life—business, education, religion, and government. As a current or aspiring leader, you must be aware of the direction and force of that wind. You must recognize the dangers, maintain balance, and discover how to transform organizations and followers into productive entities and people. You must lead with integrity and skill. To do so, a revolution in organizational thinking and modeling is needed. Organizations must be flexible, porous, adaptive, and fleet-of-foot. Every person is expected to hustle, chart new courses, and be engaged fully with swift, stimulating actions—constantly improving everything. Because of so many changes and new expectations, it is necessary for all leaders to reevaluate their skills. Phillip V. Lewis takes today's leaders to the new basics, addressing leadership traits and styles, the challenges currently being faced, and the strategies essential to effective leadership in a constantly changing world. Personal experiences, examples from major companies, and extensive research make ideas and methods of implementation clear so you can start changing the game immediately. Revolutionary changes are occurring in the world today that will forever alter the way leaders meet the needs of their followers and stakeholders. You must question the status quo and dare to change or become obsolete. You must go From Boardroom to Whiteboard.

Publisher Tate Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1617777935
Pages 380 pages
Rating 4/5 (36 users)
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