Not for Me, Please!

Not for Me, Please!

Luke is a wise, confident, and caring young boy. After seeing first-hand the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, he's changed his ways and now thinks and acts green. He believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and protecting the planet has become his new passion.Using his helpful phrase, "Not for me, please!", he shares examples of how he chooses differently than others to act green. Luke hopes he can teach you why plastic, not recycling, and overconsumption are harmful to our planet and what you can do to impact this with the choices you make.Lastly, for our big readers, he's included some interesting facts, definitions, and statistics on the bottom of some pages to help explain the scenario being discussed in more detail. With this information, he hopes to better equip you to explain to your young reader what Luke is sharing or answer some of the questions that may pop up!

Release Date
ISBN 9781986909327
Pages 34 pages
Rating 4/5 (28 users)
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