My English Lass

My English Lass

This book about a couple whom lived during Medieval times during the frame time of King William from Norway. In this time frame women had no rights. They were dependent upon contracted marriage or the Nunnery. Most girls were betrothed by the age of fourteen. In this fiction book the main characters are Gwen Montfort and James Campbell. Lord Campbell had saved Gwen’s father during the crusades. Lord Campbell had exiled his family to Scotland because he would not declare he or his knights futility to King William. At eighteen Gwen was concerned about having to become a nun. She had gorgeous blond hair that went to her knees. Her father assured her that he would find a suitable betrothed for her and contacted his friend Gordon Campbell about a contract between his son and Gwen. It was agreed upon and Lord Montfort loaded up Lady Gwen and headed to Scotland to work out the final details. It was love at first sight when James first saw Gwen standing in the river nude. He was stunned by her beauty immediately. The story continues about their lives and trials and tribulations they faced both emotionally and sexually.

Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Release Date
ISBN 1796076171
Pages 198 pages
Rating 4/5 (72 users)
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