The Innate Design

The Innate Design

This book is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a yoga therapist and a family physician who have experienced the missing gap in allopathic medicine and are devoted to filling that void with holistic, sustainable prescriptions to patients. As they both have witnessed these modalities, practices, and lifestyle choices be effective in the healing of their patients, Melissa and Kyle empower the reader through the utilization of treatment modalities such as yoga, the chakra system, and mindfulness to further healing and maintenance. This cutting-edge book provides healthcare professionals and patients alike with a broader, intuitive lens in addressing a more participatory medical practice. Implementing the alternative modalities discussed here refine the patient/doctor relationship so patients are seen, met, and understood by their healthcare team and allows for improved clarity leading to sustained restoration and wellness preservation. This unique book provides the reader with a comprehensive system to eradicate imbalances that lead to disease while shining light on our innate design - supporting our mind, body, and spirit to live abundantly in all aspects of our being.

Publisher Balboa Press
Release Date
ISBN 1504360230
Pages 184 pages
Rating 4/5 (34 users)
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