Wisdom Songs

Wisdom Songs

'Wisdom Songs' is a collection of five Centuries on the Holy Name, the Song of Songs, Holy Wisdom, the Mysteries of Glory and the Wisdom of Stillness.This ancient monastic wisdom genre was much loved by the desert fathers and hermits of old, nourishing saints and seers for hundreds of years. The crises of the environment, informational technology, interfaith and gender issues all call for wisdom. So it is no surprise to find orthodox wisdom offering ancient remedies to renew the living tradition in order to address the most urgent needs of our time. Priest-monk Silouan lives in the Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert, a hermitage within the Romanian jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church. He lives a life of prayer, silence, liturgy and work in the ancient tradition of Orthodox monasticism.

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ISBN 0983586705
Pages 529 pages
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